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Are you considering investing in the US or other overseas markets from India? There are many simple ways you can crank up this subject. Here we are going to discuss the most actionable and best ways you can take this step right away.

Did you know that financial experts say the only way to reduce market risk is by diversifying your portfolio? And that has always proven to be 100% correct. Unless the world is at the peak of the end, or as it was in 2020, which was fraught with uncertainties, it is never likely that all industries in all sectors and in all countries will face adverse conditions. For this very reason, diversification is key to making solid investments. So what’s the point of limiting diversification?

If you’ve been thinking about investing outside of India, you’ve recently seen, read about, or heard from someone else who took home huge profits.

But why should you invest outside of India?

The 10-year returns of index funds like US and S&P 500 have produced returns of up to 13.6%. If you’re new, that’s a pretty decent return on investment. At the same time, the NIFTY funds achieved a return of 8.39%. Alongside all of these, other countries also adopt the trade attributes and returns.

Most notably, the United States is at the epicenter of technological innovation, Silicon Valley, and it would be rather strange if the globalized economy of the 21st century and its investors did not benefit from the special outcomes of this market.

If you think this is not incentive enough, here is another bonus point. Despite the occasional crisis, US stock market indices are much less volatile than the Indian market. This could lead to a better return with security at the same time.

But how much can you invest in foreign stocks from India?

As per Reserve Bank of India guidelines, you can invest up to $ 250,000 per person per year. It amounts to around $ 1.7 million in Indian money. In some cases, these limit values ​​can also be extended.

The basics of investing in the international market:

The first thing to remember would be to have a demat or trading account in India. If you have a demat or trading account in India, you can start your trading for the companies listed on the Indian stock exchanges. If you don’t, your first task is to open one of these accounts either physically or online through various applications and websites.

So, if you are convinced that you want to tackle international portfolio diversification, the grass is green on your side. There are tons of ways to trade in international markets while still in India. However, these international foreign stocks are divided into two sub-categories.

Direct investment with foreign stocks:

Direct investment means that you are investing money directly in foreign assets. The most important part is that there is no intermediate other than a stockbroker. The easiest way to trade internationally is to open an overseas trading account with a trusted domestic broker in India or overseas.

Indirect investments in stocks:

Indirect investment exists when there is an intermediate that selects the fund’s advertising stocks to invest. The stockbroker himself is excluded from this. These can be global mutual funds and exchange traded funds.

The advantage of indirect investing is that it doesn’t necessarily have a cap on a personal level. This means that the Fund itself may have a cap, but there is no limit to the amount of money you can invest in the Fund. These indirect funds include everything from mutual funds to exchange traded funds to more.

Main Reasons Many Investors Consider US Stock Market:

A. People always want to invest in their favorite brands

– Most of the brands we use today are made or initiated in the USA, from the iPhone to world class devices. This makes them the most popular and well-known brand that everyone wants to participate in.

B. Use bigger opportunities

– When you invest in foreign stocks, you have no limits. You can always look for better opportunities in international markets.

C. Diversification with global investments

– Investing in foreign stocks leads to diversification. Even the Indian market can sometimes fall due to regional issues, but investing in the US market can mitigate these types of risks.

D. Currency diversification strengthens your portfolio

– There are currency differences from country to country and the US dollar in particular is one of the strongest currencies among the Indian rupees. It can increase the odds over time.

E. Reduced taxes

– Otherwise these are called tax havens. Countries around the world offer foreign investors attractive tax incentives. These aspects strengthen the investment environment of other countries and attract prosperity from outside.

How do I invest in foreign stocks?

Let’s take a step through the step-by-step process of how to start investing in stocks outside of India.

1. Account with Indian brokers affiliated with overseas brokers

There are many full service Indian brokers working with overseas brokers. These brokers make it very easy to open your overseas trading accounts with overseas brokers.

2. Open an account with foreign brokers

International brokerage firms allow Indians to open an account and trade US stocks, mutual funds, and more. Some US-based brokerage firms are even located in India that you can physically visit and develop.

3. Invest in foreign stocks through new startup applications

In recent years, many new applications have been introduced in India and abroad to help Indians invest in foreign stocks. These startup companies make it easy and offline to start and select through foreign stocks.

The disadvantages of investing abroad:

There are two sides to every coin, and here are some things you need to know before you can dive in.

  • Be ready for the higher fees
  • The winnings are subject to exchange rates
  • According to RBI, Indians can only invest up to $ 250,000 overseas


This article describes three ways you can invest in foreign stocks. It also brings up the fore on the cons and reasons why you should invest overseas. At the height of the digital age, investors and retailers are also becoming known around the world.

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