Where can you post classifieds for free?

Would you like to make some money with little effort? Do you need to create space in the storage room? These are the best websites to serve ads for free.

The best sites to serve ads for free

It doesn’t matter how big your house is. You will end up accumulating a ton of junk, many of which you have barely used a few times.

In this technologically insane world in which we live, it is quite common to renew your smartphone, tablet, computer, television even several times a year. In the end, you will collect very attractive, low-utility devices that can be easily sold on the Internet to serve ads for free. Unlike auction or direct sales sites, these types of services are free and there is no commission to be paid. You just post your ad and wait for offers. Haggling is accepted until an agreement has been reached.

You focus on local sales in the area where you live. For this reason, instead of sending the package, they usually stay with the buyer in a public place and hand over the goods and payment. It is an attractive system for many people as it is quick and direct and you don’t have to wait to collect or receive the goods. And sometimes relationships are cultivated that lead to more sales.

In some cases platforms like “Adposta classfiedsEnable both buyers and sellers to earn points. However, they usually act like simple online bulletin boards: they hang your ad when you sell it, remove it, and voila … As mentioned, they’re free, although some offer additional paid services to better position the ads when searching or to take more photos or data.


One of the problems with free ad pages is repetitive ads. Worse still are the irritating advertisements from trusted tarot experts or willing to loan you money.

Because it’s free, many bullies post the same ad in many sections or repost it every day. Ads.es claims to have eliminated repetitive ads, a far from easy task. You can post free classifieds with up to 20 photos and one video. An interesting option is the chat that allows you to contact the visitors of your ads in real time without having to give them your WhatsApp. It is also possible to create your own virtual shop with your logo, offers and links to your website.

Otherwise, the organization is very classic, with a search engine, a directory showing dozens of categories and sub-categories, and the map to be filtered by provinces. There is also a fraud prevention guide available. The tabs show the product description, photos and videos as well as the contact information and the location.

Ads.es is a very interesting sales website that does not abuse advertising and does not send spam. It’s comfortable to use, and at least in the time we’ve been researching it, we haven’t seen any repetitive ads.


Segundamano.com has been the reference website for free sales ads for many years. Some time ago he changed his name to Vibbo and with it his way of working, imitating many things from Wallapop.

Vibbo has a more dynamic and direct design than Wallapop when posting ads or applying filters to search queries. The ads appear with photos and the area in which they are sold. You can search within a specific area, chat with the seller for more information, or haggle. The whole process is free, there is no commission on ad placement or sale.

In the last few months improvements have been added such as: B. the ability to upload up to 10 photos in each ad, send additional photos in chat, follow a buyer or seller, etc. Some accept payments by PayPal or bank transfer, as well as postage.


Who doesn’t know Wallapop? It is one of the most popular buying and selling services in Spain. However, new tools have been released in the last few months. It is therefore worth spending a few minutes to discover the possibilities.

Wallapop’s great success is based on two concepts: there are no sales commissions (it’s free) and it works with geolocated ads, meaning it’s designed to sell in your neighborhood or city. You simply place your ad and it will automatically appear when searching for users in your area within the radius you choose (1km, 5km, etc.).

When a sale is agreed, the buyer and seller meet in a public place (a square, park, bar) and the deal is closed, paying in cash at the same time as the goods are delivered. This system has many advantages: it is free, there are no shipping costs and the goods can be picked up or consumed immediately. But also a few annoyances: sometimes the buyer tries to haggle or renegotiate, and it’s always a bit embarrassing to exchange money with a stranger.


Another classic of free online advertising in is Milanuncios.com. Contains more than 10 million ads.

Unlike the other sites we analyzed in the list, it retains a completely traditional design and philosophy, in the style of the old newspaper ads, but over the internet.

A directory gives you access to the various categories: Motor, IT, Telephony, Real Estate, Home and Garden, Pets, Babies, etc., each with dozen of sub-categories. You can also use the search engine to find something in particular all over Spain. If you want to search by province there is an interactive map. The advertisements contain photos and basic data and can be contacted by email or phone.

Of course, you can also place your own photo ads for free without having to register. However, there is a payment option that will allow them to position themselves first in searches.

Bulletin board

Surely there is a cork notice board in your school, work, or university that someone will leave a message or request on. There are fewer and fewer left, but they still resist.

Notice board is just that, but in digital format. Free classifieds and also vacancies. The difference is that you don’t post individual requests here, but instead create your own virtual bulletin board and post all your announcements there. It’s a great option when you need to sell multiple things in the same category, or when you are managing to earn a good reputation for yourself.

Placing ads is as easy as filling out a form and uploading a few photos. You can also add your location on an interactive map. Searching is very convenient because, in addition to the search engine and the map of the provinces, the sub-categories and the most searched ones are always displayed on one page on the screen.

More than 10,000 advertisements are published every day. This is a double edged sword; because that means it’s easy to go unnoticed when you put something up for sale. However, the bulletin board strives to maintain visibility by displaying the latest published announcements on the category front pages and maintaining the above supporting links while searching in the side column.

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