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Are you an aspiring search engine optimization SEO professional looking to advance your career? You need to ask yourself what is more important for digital marketing, content development or backlinks. This post will help you figure out which one is important and why you should hire an SEO company in Pakistan that can tell the difference and importance of backlinks and content development. We believe this is a great question that every business owner and SEO professional needs to know. The answer is very simple too, let’s explain in detail.

Always start with the content

So if you have to choose between creating backlinks or developing content, Rizwan Zahid, a specialist consultant and SEO expert at the top Pakistani SEO agency, says, “Content is for your customers, but backlinks are for your own marketing needs. Content helps your users become more engaged with your website and brings more impressions and likes. If your website doesn’t have any content there is no point in backlinking to a blank page. ”

This shows that you should focus on getting content results from your users and then you can always focus on backlinks strategy when users are already busy with your website. In addition, Pakistan’s top SEO company IT Height reveals that “Content is always important to connecting people through the website. I always think that content is more important than the backlinks because a person needs a good reason first to be able to link to your website. ”

Of course, if you create more natural content and resources for users to engage with your pages, you can share more data and achieve certain goals with your content. It’s the content that often creates a reason for the link and also helps keep everything on your website looking useful.

Furthermore, the importance of content can never be underestimated as content defines the theme of your page and discusses the solutions you offer customers to solve their problems. On the other hand, backlinks and content do not define the subject of the page, but can be used in the header tags and meta descriptions or internal links.

They need to have a mix or backlinks

When it comes to backlinks strategy, Elink Solution’s SEO expert Rizwan Zahid is always up for backlinks creation. However, according to him, you need to include a mix of backlinks like keyword rich backlinks, quotes and do-follow backlinks, no-follow links and more. These are the links that occur naturally. Just like helping content with the structure of the website and its credibility, link building is also important and builds your content through internal links. A recent article in the SEJ Search Engine Journal therefore states, “By building a natural internal linkage structure, you are trying to lead people to resources and purchase options from useful content such as comparison guides.”

The content is required to define a well structured website

Content helps website professionals build a website structure and attracts both visitors and customers. If there is optimized content on the website, the search engines and spiders can also discover the content in more appropriate ways. This allows users to search your content using appropriate keywords and topics.

Backlinks create value for search engine optimization SEO

According to a Moz post, as the name suggests, a backlink is always created to form a link between different websites. Backlinks are most important to SEO as they often help get a vote of confidence from another website and improve the ranking of your own website. Essentially, if your website has high quality backlinks, they always give the search engines a signal that other websites appreciate your website’s content and want to link to yours.

This means that when you get backlinks from many other websites, it will send a positive message to Google and other search engines that your website contains content that is worth linking to. So always use backlinks after creating content.

The conclusion or summary

The summary, or bottom line, of the discussion above is that for your website’s ranking on search engines, backlinks as well as content play an important role in boosting SEO efforts. However, backlinks have their own viability. They play a vital role in increasing the ranking of your website. However, the website content works across all channels from SEO to PPC, media coverage, and referral traffic. Good content can also give your SEO team more backlinks. When deciding to choose between the two things at the beginning of the SEO process, the experts from the best Pakistani digital marketing companies suggest that content always comes first compared to backlinks.

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