Fun activities for an aspiring film entrepreneur

As an aspiring filmmaker, you have loads of fun activities to participate in while learning the basics of filmmaking. This includes setting up a camera, creating a script, recording audio, lighting scenes, and editing. Depending on your passion, you can explore the technical or creative aspects of filmmaking.

As an aspiring filmmaker, engaging in fun activities can help you develop the knowledge, skills, and hands-on experience necessary for filmmaking to be successful. What fun activities can you do as an aspiring filmmaker?

Below are the best fun activities to join as an aspiring filmmaker.

1. Create photo stories

Using photos to tell a story is one of the most fun activities you can do as an aspiring filmmaker. In this activity, you will mainly focus on film composition and photo selection. Such an exercise is relatively easy as all you need to do is capture still images with a smartphone or DSLR camera. For example, you can take between 15 and 20 still images to compose your story.

This is where you need to complete the initial filmmaking processes, e.g. B. Scripting, lighting, securing locations, storyboarding, and recruiting actors. Usually this activity is done in groups, but you can also complete it yourself. You will also need the necessary nonlinear editing skills. Hence, you should learn how to use video editing programs to edit still images to make a simple video clip.

2. Participation in a completed promotion

Now that you’ve learned how to create and edit video clips with still images, the next activity is the action you have completed. The activity is simple and brief, but vital as it helps you learn how to combine shots with movement across angles. This is where you need to choose a moderately challenging daily activity to shoot. For example, you can film a cooking session or a laundry exercise. It is advisable to film your story in a single location in a well-lit room.

In this case, the trick is to select the shots to record and then convert them to create a seamlessly completed action from start to finish. At first, this activity can seem straightforward. However, over time, you will find that careful consideration is required as you familiarize yourself with the details of how to record and edit video.

3. Record a two-person conversation with flashback

Another fun activity to partake in as an aspiring filmmaker is to have a conversation with two people where you mix it up with a brief flashback. According to Forbes, the two-person discussion is an essential element of narrative video creation that teaches you various principles and techniques.

For example, through this activity you can learn and perform the 180 degree principle along with the standard close-ups and over-the-shoulders. These principles and techniques give you options to choose from when editing your video clips.

4. Viewing and transcribing movie scenes

It’s fun to watch movies and end up transcribing. It also helps you identify the films you prefer, what makes great film history, and what technical elements films have in common.

You can start by picking a scene from a movie you like, probably a two to five minute clip. Then focus on the action, conversations, and general settings of the selected scene. If necessary, play back and pause the scene so you can take quick notes on the crucial points. Then enter the notes you took in script format. Whenever you recreate a movie scene, you learn to visualize it as you create your scenes and stories.

5. Familiarize yourself with cameras

As an aspiring film producer, you’ve likely tried recording a short video clip with either a smartphone or a camera. In case you haven’t done so, you should familiarize yourself with the features of cameras, lighting, and color schemes. Find an experienced photographer or videographer to guide you here. Also, learn more about post-production editing like color grading using free video editing software.

As a profession, filmmaking offers many fun activities as an aspiring filmmaker. Some of these activities include creating photo stories, participating in a completed action, and learning about cameras. You can also have a two-person conversation with flashbacks and transcribe movie scenes while you watch them. Ultimately, these fun activities can make your film career enjoyable for studying.

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