7 tips for becoming financially independent by blogging

Becoming a financially independent blogger is a relatively new career choice, but its popularity greatly surpasses other careers. Blogging allows you to write about what you love and make money without having to step outside your house.

While it sounds incredible, building a successful blog is a challenge, especially when there is so much competition. A large mailing list, loyal readership, and strong social media game are all ways to build your blog’s reputation. But there are other ways you can create a financially successful blog as well. Below are the key ways to achieve this desirable goal.

Invest in SEO work

Your blog can be wonderfully written and have stunning images, but you will never make money if no one can find it. For this reason, you should invest in a professional SEO program where experts can test your website and implement the right techniques so that your blog can be easily found on search engines.

SEO programs are an investment, but it’s always best to go for the more expensive ones White label SEO programs than going for an agency that offers black hat SEO techniques. Real SEO professionals implement SEO techniques to help your website rank up organically in the search engines without being penalized.

Consider using ads

You might like the clean look of your website, but if you want to make money blogging you need to consider adding ads to your blog. Nowadays there are different advertising media. You can opt for cost-per-click (CPC) ads, where you get a small fee for every banner click you get. There are also CPM ads that charge you for every number of impressions an ad receives.

Sell ​​what you can

When you know exactly what makes you stand out, you can sell your product. If you’re an expert on something, your blog can sell online courses to teach your audience your expertise.

You can write an eBook in your subject area and get users to download it for a fee. You can sell other things including pictures, videos, music, workshops, apps, topics, and anything else that sets you apart.

It is best to listen to your audience first before developing the product for a higher success rate. Use your blog to ask your readers what they are struggling with and what they want to know more about through your writing.

Make use of affiliate marketing

If banner advertising isn’t your style, affiliate marketing might be a better fit for your blog. Affiliate marketing allows you to mention specific products in blog posts and link them to the shop page where the item is sold. When a reader clicks the item on your website and buys the product, you receive a percentage of the sale price.

Affiliate marketing is a great option for a financially stable blog because it allows you to choose the products that reflect your brand. Various affiliate marketing agencies make this process easily accessible, including ShareASale and LinkTrust.

Ask for donations

Another way when banner ads aren’t working is to ask for donations. Maria Popova, the spirit behind the very successful blog, Brain pickings is a great example of a blogger asking readers for donations instead of having banner ads on her blog.

The most important thing is to provide the readers with high quality content. Whatever you write, make sure it has a purpose that will keep readers coming back to learn more. In Popova’s case, she writes very insightful articles on literature, science, history, and nature.

Sponsored content

Once you’ve gained ground and have a significant number of readers per month, you can ask advertisers to pay you for sponsored content. This is where you write a blog post about a product and explain how it can benefit your readers.

You need to be transparent to your audience by letting them know that you get paid to write about this product. The advertiser can decide how much you get paid for the content, but once you have a strong following, you can set your fees.

Become your reader trainer

While many bloggers prefer to stay behind the screen, others prefer to use their blog as a stepping stone to their consulting business. You could make a significant amount of money by becoming an advisor or coach to your readers.

You can use your blog articles to educate your general readership and offer exclusive content and training to those willing to pay. The best thing about counseling and coaching is that you can do it virtually, which means you can find clients all over the world and get paid to teach.

While it doesn’t always seem like it, blogging takes hard work to become financially independent. Few people blog post and go viral. For the rest of us, it takes technology, quality content, and a lot of patience.

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